jeudi 17 novembre 2016

Things That Go Poof in Comics

Well, it seems that DC, or rather somebody at DC, finally listened to me and got Extraño out of the mothballs. Just when a blockbuster movie with Marvel's Doctor Strange is being launched, it would be awfully stupid to forget about his gay equivalent, wouldn't it? Except the new version of the character has ditched the flamboyant threads as well as the "Extraño" codename, now just using his given name of Gregorio de la Vega which makes him sound like a distant relative of Zorro. Also he's married to an as yet unseen man, has an adopted child and has gone a trifle badass, saying stuff like "no one's called me that (Extraño) in years… fewer lived" Honestly, just because the comic he now appears in, Midnight and Apollo,  is the embodiment of gay badass, does it mean the character has to be turned into an embarrassing 2010's stereotype? Comics newssites go all smug in calling the original Extraño an embarrassing stereotype and you know what? He might have been, but he was not half as embarrassing as the one he's now.

Just so you know - I don't only talk about comics with gay characters, I also make write and draw some. I have started serializing on my tumblr site a comic I originally did in French a few years ago, A Visit. The new version is in English and in color and you can read it here. The link will take you to the most recent page (11) from where you can access all the pages to date. Or you can just go to jpjcomicsandstories and read it from the start, which is the page below :

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